In this series, we investigated big questions: religiosity, secularism, and how religion intersects with liberalism and Western democracies. Big questions require many angles and so, at different times, we learned about sexuality, economics, history, psychology, and sociology. The series draws a fair bit on Brian’s Ph.D. studies but should have real relevance for understanding American politics, large social trends, and how Western societies work. Individual talks are outlined below.

  • Apr 6: The Axial Age
  • Apr 13: We’re all Protestants! How the Protestant Reformation Birthed the Modern West
  • Apr 27: What Drives Religiosity
  • May 4: American Exceptionalism
  • May 11: Feeling God is Real
  • May 18: Liberalism and the Secular State – A dissertation in an hour
  • May 25: Family Values Politics
  • June 1: Some Lessons From 20 Years of Studying Religions